We offer to your attention the official site of th manufacturer of fur wares - the firm “Trento”

The firm “Trento” is a showroom of fur wares and also a fashion house offering the fur wares individually sewn under the induvidual orders.

We would like to inroduce the princeples of work and the philosophy of the firm to our target audience. Here you will also find the discriptions of our products and services and will be able to make sure in high qaility of our works, revising the collection of the finished fur wares presented here as a photogallery (mink fur coats, wares from a polar fox, chinchila, fur of fox).

The firm “Trento” have been operating in the fur market of Ivano-Frankivsk since 2005. From the beginning of our establishment the firm conduct the activity under the direction of Trentos Lazaros. And exactly this figure does the products of “Trento” such unique. At first, there is a combination of high Greek mentality and tastes of actually fashionable Ukarainian woman in our products. Secondly, there is a provision of eccentricity of taste and at the same time individuality in sewing fur goods.

The firm “Trento” is mostly engaged in sewing fur clothes under individual order. We also make refined fur accessories. To make sure in high skills of our staff, we suggest looking through the collection of fur products on our site. More evidently you can see the prepared collection of fur products in our showroom shop “Fur” in Ivano-Frankivsk, where we invite you with pleasure. Here you can find fur coats, fur jackets, fur overcoars and other like that.